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License Key for MacDrive 7.2

 MacDrive 7 was introduced in March 2007 and has been replaced by multiple major versions of MacDrive.

The features of newer MacDrive versions are needed in order to maintain compatibility with current hardware, and operating systems, so continued support of MacDrive 7 has become impractical. Therefore, the last day of support for the MacDrive 7 product line (and all versions older than 7) was December 31, 2011.

If you are currently a MacDrive 7 (or older) user, you can upgrade to the current version of MacDrive for a nominal fee. We encourage all MacDrive 7 (or older) users to upgrade now not only for continued support, but also for the new and improved capabilities.
Mac Drive 7.2:
  • Serial: MD7-75589EWR-37673-ZY5
  • Computer ID: C3-0313777821-0092933136-461
  • AuthCode: 190830377-1110712865-3VX

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